Grocery shopping went a little nuts in France when a supermarket chain deeply discounted jars of Nutella.

Aficionados of the chocolate hazelnut spread jostled and fought each other when the Intermarché supermarkets offered the treat at a 70 percent discount.

“They are like animals. A woman had her hair pulled, an elderly lady took a box on her head, another had a bloody hand,” one customer told French media.

Videos posted on social media showed huge crowds gathered around pallets of Nutella, with people grabbing as many jars as they could carry.

In some stores, including in Ostricourt in northern France, police had to be called as scuffles broke out between customers.

In L’Horme, an employee told a newspaper that he saw a customer with a black eye in the crowd. “We were trying to get in between the customers, but they were pushing us,” he said.

France is the second-biggest consumer of Nutella, eating around 100 million jars per year, behind Germany.

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